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Natural remedies for dogs

Our dogs can be over medicated.

Consider the symptoms, and realize it is the symptoms that lead to the proper treatment. It is not just to rid the body of the symptoms, but to overcome the cause. Often times one or two remedies can cure the situation. Always keep in mind –“First do no harm.”

Be aware of what the medications can do to treat and what they can do to harm.What are the most common minor health related issues with our dogs, and are there any natural remedies to address them..? Answer–yes look at the symptoms, but also consider age , breed, environment etc.

In this post I ask that question to the Natural Pet Dr, one of the areas leading veterinarians who practices natural and holistic methods to support the dogs immune system. His response is below…

  • Skin. Itching due to food allergies or external parasites or environment

  • G-I upset stomach / diarrhea- due to poor quality diets , parasites bacterial or viral infection.

  • Immune system disorders may be due to over vaccinations.External flea / tick treatment with toxic chemicals leading to immune compromised situations.

  • Joint problems – arthritis, joint injuries- treat without drugs

Ok, great. Just what I thought… NOT. So what do I do about these types of issues with my dog..?

All these situations can be improved with holistic care and remedies. Holistic DVMs are the answer via Chinese herbs / western herbs, acupuncture, homeopathic remedies,nutritional supplements, good drinking water, essential oils, are only a few of the resources

How exactly do you use all of the above suggestions and in what combinations?

That gets answered next.

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